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In his book “Own Your Tech Career,” Don Jones writes his top reasons you should create a blog, including that even as someone less experienced, you have a unique take to offer. Even going as far as to say that not sharing your knowledge is selfish.

The Amazon page for Don Jones' Own Your Tech Career: Soft skills for technologists
The Amazon page for Don Jones’ “Own Your Tech Career: Soft skills for technologists”

Over the last ten years, I’ve helped solve thousands of service tickets that went through the helpdesk at the MSP I work for.

During that time, we’ve supported many different clients, so my knowledge has grown mile wide, foot deep, which I hope will bring a new perspective to many issues and tasks.

My driving goal of this blog is writing about topics that my 18 year old green self would’ve loved to dive into and content that’s relevant to others that are mid-career.

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